Fibroid Treatment Algorithm

Source: Halt Medical: Acessa Treatment Algorithm

The Electrode Array deploys from the Handpiece and is constructed of Nitinol, a superelastic alloy.  This unique combination of shape and material allows penetration of tough fibroids while retaining electrode geometry over multiple deployments.  Once the tip of the Handpiece is inserted into the fibroid, the array may be advanced, depending on the size of the fibroid being treatment.  The duration of the ablation is defined by an ablation algorithm based on the amount of deployment and the desired ablation volume.

Bench top studies were conducted using Bovine liver, muscle and kidney. The purpose of these studies was to characterize the ablation size when created with different deployments for varying amounts of time and at different power and temperature settings. Generally, for a given time, increasing the target power or temperature tends to produce larger ablation sizes. For a given target power or temperature, increasing the time tends to produce larger ablation sizes.

The Acessa™ System incorporates a sophisticated closed loop control algorithm that allows it to safely produce the desired ablation zone automatically based on the size of the individual fibroid.